How You Can Access Competitively Priced Products & Services with Member Advantage

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We are one of Australia’s longest-standing benefit programs offering our members an easy, convenient, online shopping experience.

Family man and busy GP Mark likes how Member Advantage gives him consistently low prices on his weekly household expenses all while saving him precious time

so he’s available to support his patients throughout the day and spend quality time with his family after work.

Through Member Advantage, Mark and his wife save 5% on groceries & fuel with eGifts from Woolworths and Coles. This adds up to significant savings in a year. Their family health insurance policy is due for renewal so they’ve been reading about exclusive features & benefits and received a quote from HCF. Amy (Mark’s wife) looks forward to reading the latest novels from her favourite authors and never misses out because she saves 8% with Dymocks eGift cards. On weekends, Mark and his sons play football in the backyard and enjoy videos games – all possible with Rebel Sport and EB Games.

Here’s how we deliver competitive prices for our beloved members:

  1. We have built robust, long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest names in the Australian household goods and services market.
  2. Our tech-savvy digital approach to everyday purchases puts us ahead of the brick-and-mortar concept most big retailers are known for, allowing our members to purchase from our one-stop online portal with ultimate convenience.
  3. Our members rely on our market research which ensures we only provide them with the most competitive, well-priced deals – we source the best discounts so our members don’t waste time comparing prices.
  4. As we work with such a diverse range of retailers – from big-name supermarkets to established insurance companies, the most popular technology and sports retailers to the finest restaurants and bars – we give you access to offers made exclusively for our members.

Need more reasons to let Member Advantage reduce your weekly household budget which all adds up to significant savings each year? Visit your Member Advantage website to find out more.