Recruit, reward and retain  your best asset with an Employee Benefits Program

Providing an Employee Benefits Program allows you to provide real value to your people, in the form of tangible savings, and for your business by meeting expectations for adding that ‘something more’.

A well-designed Employee Benefits Program can assist management strategies to:

  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Motivate and engage your people
  • Increase employee loyalty and commitment
  • Enhance employee productivity and performance
  • Raise employee morale
  • Support you as a “preferred employer”
  • Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and retention
  • Minimize employee turnover and save on hiring, on-boarding and orientation costs

What makes us different?

Ever wondered why some people stand out from the crowd? It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Tailored and Personal: Our capability to deliver high-quality tailored programs with personalised service, sets us apart.
Proven Quality: We are Quality Approved (ISO 9001), demonstrating our commitment to best-practice service and delivery.
Co-branded and Flexible: We will work closely with you to develop a co-branded benefits program to suit your business, whether it’s for 50 people or 50,000.
Integrated: Our program allows you to add your own Employee Assistance Program, and with the use of latest API technology provides seamless integration with your existing systems.
More than just online discounts: With the use of smartphone technology, your people will have convenient, on-the-go access to discounts at restaurants, tourist attractions and entertainment venues throughout Australia. No need to pre-purchase anything – the benefit will be applied automatically at the point of sale!