Flexibility key to retaining top talent in the workplace

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Finding a way to offer greater flexibility in the workplace is a great way to keep and retain top talent as work-life balance becomes increasingly important to Australian workers.

In fact, a recent survey found that 56 per cent of workers striving for better work-life balance are even declining promotions in favour of greater flexibility.

Global boutique recruitment agency Ambition surveyed more than 900 Australian IT professionals in a bid to understand their attitude to flexible working arrangements. It found that employees want benefits that go beyond flexible hours. Workers also want to be able to work from home, bring their own devices, purchase additional annual leave and get discounts on gym membership and insurance.

Advertisement Ambition Technology managing director Andrew Cross says the research also found that Australian businesses continue to struggle to effectively implement policies that create a more flexible working environment. He recommends that organisations implement policies that set the parameters of employee flexibility.

Additional benefits and more flexibility are great bargaining tools for businesses with limited promotion opportunities or an inability to offer salary increases, Mr Cross says.

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