How to get loyalty through word of mouth marketing

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Take advantage of the power of word of mouth marketing and let your people do the work in promoting your program.







Coming up with fresh and creative ways to promote your benefits program is definitely not easy. A crucial component of your marketing strategy is the power of word of mouth and social communities. Word of mouth or member to member marketing is a powerful tool that you need to tap into in order to succeed in your benefits program.

Encourage the power of social media

A crucial way to get your program out there is by effectively using social media to build communities around your organisation. A great social media plan with content that is relevant will inspire your members to share it to their friends and family. Is your content currently inspiring your people?

Encourage people to share content

Make sure all your electronic communication whether it is e-newsletters, blog posts and social media are easy to share amongst your community. By adding share buttons, you increase the potential of word of mouth marketing and allow your people to participate in the process.

Encourage people to refer a friend

Run regular promotions, whether it is free movie tickets or gift cards to entice your people to refer a friend, family or colleague to join your company or organisation. People are much more likely to trust the recommendation of a friend when it comes to brands.

Does your social media marketing require some fine tuning? Do you need expert advice in designing creative material that will engage your people?

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