Staff Turnover: Want to Know The Secret To Better Retention?

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The growing trend within HR functions towards setting up continuous web-based staff feedback loops.

Renowned HR expert Dr. John Sullivan once wrote:
Asking employees at time of termination “why are you leaving” is like asking your spouse “how to improve the marriage” on the day before the divorce is final! By that time it’s too late to do much anyway.

Although staff retention rates are a major concern amongst many of today’s HR leaders, there are some who still find the real causes of high staff attrition rates harder to pin point than the culprit in a classic Agatha Christie murder mystery. A simple example stems from the Saratoga Institute. Their 2003 survey revealed that 89% of managers believe employees leave for more money. But, in fact, the survey found that 88% of employees leave for reasons other than money. Indeed a study by Mercer Human Resource Consulting conducted in Australia in 2003 revealed that the most important attributes that Australian employees value about their job were:
1. The existence of opportunities for advancement,
2. Training, and
3. A clear career path.

Today, the invent of cost effective online survey technology is helping transform the traditional mindset of HR practitioners regarding the challenges around collecting staff feedback. The fact is that understanding the real reasons behind staff satisfaction and retention doesn’t have to be a painful, expensive, once-a-year exercise. As such, in recent years there has been a move by HR towards implementing a more continuous staff feedback loop.

Asking your staff what they think is a great place to start.

Generally speaking, people actually enjoy being asked for their opinion – and your staff members are no different. Why risk staying in the dark regarding the main reasons for staff attrition at your organisation when there are many easy ways to find this information out? One increasingly popular approach is to run a cluster of specific online staff surveys focused on a specific theme. Three such examples, all with ties to the ‘staff retention’ theme are summarised below:

1. New Starter Feedback Survey

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