Member Advantage has been built on strong values of innovation and integrity. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of service for our people. We work hard to establish strong relationships with our clients and members by undertaking regular surveys and feedback reviews.

Member Advantage currently services in excess of 700,000 people – predominantly professionals spanning a wide range of industries such as Engineering, Medicine, Science, Finance, Banking, Information Technology and Mining.

Why partner with Member Advantage?

  • Expose your brand to our growing base of over 700,000 people. As new organisations implement our programs, their people will automatically access your service offering.
  • Increase traffic to your business through Member Advantage’s channels
  • Attract more sales, and in turn, revenue for your business
  • Introduce your business to our stakeholder network
  • Increase brand recognition by association with our existing partners

How does it work?

  • Member Advantage invests in the marketing of your service via an integrated communications and marketing strategy
  • Your product information is promoted and marketed on our membership website

Member Advantage Quality Assurance

To maintain our quality standards under our certification AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and to deliver sustainable benefits, we enter into supplier Agreements with all of our partners.

This Agreement outlines a differentiated offer (which must be a national offer and preferably extend to New Zealand); which represents a genuine benefit for our members when compared with an equivalent public offer, and any other service, marketing or management information.