5 Reasons Why We Are the Self-Distancing Shopping Solution for You and Your Family 

The wonderful thing about Member Advantage is that you can have your household completely taken care of during the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Here are five reasons we help you shop with self-distancing at the forefront of our product and service offerings:   

  1. Shopping without ever having to leave the house. 

 We know that it has been a challenging time for purchasing products and services during the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent nationwide lockdown. That’s why we’ve made sure to cover all bases – from car insurance and essential household items to entertainment and everything in between – all from the comfort of your own home. We’re about convenience at your fingertips and looking after the safety of the community one shopping cart at a time. Rest assured knowing you can now shop remotely, 24/7, for all your household needs with Member Advantage. 

      2. A one-stop portal for all the essentials. 

 At Member Advantage, we have collated a number of members-only deals for everything you will need to ensure the needs of your household are met during these unpredictable times. We offer everything from staple household items like discounted grocery and fuel gift cards to dining voucher savings and cost-effective car insurance options and more – all in the one online destination. We couldn’t have made shopping for your household any easier for your peace of mind.  

        3. Purchase products and services without the rush of physical shopping dilemmas. 

 The Australian Government has implemented a number of policies that make shopping in physical stores quite tricky – with many stores not allowing more than one shopper inside at a time and self-distancing restrictions of 1.5 metres between shoppers. There’s never been a better time to buy all the products and services you’d typically leave the house for, all from the comfort of your own home. Member Advantage takes the fuss out of physical distancing measures by getting rid of the need to get physical at all! We’re entirely virtual, putting you and your family’s safety at the top of our priorities for your convenience. Shopping, but make it completely stress-free.   

    4. We’ve done the hard work of discounting prices so you don’t have to.  

 Member Advantage has many top-notch deals with well-renowned, trusted companies to give you the best possible pricing on the market. Best of all, we’ve done our research to ensure you get the most affordable deals. Avoid the hassle of searching the internet to compare prices ever again! We’re talking incredible savings on your household’s grocery costs, health and wellbeing vouchers (think gym equipment for home workouts!) and so much more with Member Advantage’s deals. 

   5. Unlock exclusive members-only deals you won’t find anywhere else.  

 Our members choose us time and time again for our one-of-a-kind members-only discounted offerings. Due to the rapport we’ve built with some of the best insurance, travel, health, dining, grocery companies (and many more) over a number of years, you can sit back and relax knowing you’re getting the best household deals in the country. A little extra money in your pocket is just an added bonus of buying your everyday essentials with Member Advantage.