Make the Most of Quality Time at Home While Saving Money With Member Advantage

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, we’re all spending plenty of time having quality memorable moments with our loved ones. But with a recent lockdown put in place for the safety of the Australian people, a lot of us aren’t used to all the spare time at home. While some of us are creating the perfect body, or baking until the early hours of the morning, some of us are running out of ways to make the most of all the extra time. 

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So why not squeeze every minute of precious time with your family with some wonderful family-friendly resources we’ve compiled below? Most are discounted and some are even free too! 

  • As you know, kids love a good storytelling session, especially when it involves Dr Seuss! A YouTuber by the name of Wes Tank has created a fun, whimsical series to take storytelling up a notch as he raps his way through some of the classic children’s books. The kids will love this one, and will want to learn the books word for word through the hilarious raps featuring pop tunes that are familiar to us all. 
  • The wonderful folks over at POPSUGAR Fitness have released some family-friendly workout videos that are ideal for a heart-pumping household activity with the kids. To motivate them during the YouTube-based fitness classes, there are games and challenges involved so that the winner gets to choose what’s for dinner and other enticing prizes so they stay on board for the entire workout.   
  • Melbourne singer / performer Alice Garrick, well-known for her catchy, quirky childrens’ songs, has a website full of fantastic musical recordings of her songs for early childhood and primary school-aged kids. They’ll adore the imagery of garden fairies, dinosaur hunters and other funny characters all in a sing-a-long style that kids can keep busy with during their time at home self-distancing after school and on weekends.