Member Advantage is Here to Give You Savings with Peace of Mind

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At Member Advantage, we offer our members the best savings they can find anywhere on the market by offering an easy and convenient online shopping experience.  

Mary, an office manager at an engineering practice loves that with us, she can easily do her shopping at home when possible while looking after her children and juggling work commitments.  

Through the Member Advantage benefits program, Mary saves 5% on groceries & fuel with eGifts each week from Woolworths and Coles. Her mother recently moved in with her to help look after the children so Mary is changing her family insurance policy and received a competitively priced quote from HCF. Mary recently furnished the spare bedroom and updated her kitchen appliances – saved 5% and more on purchases from Freedom Furniture, Target and The Good Guys with eGift cards.  

Here are three ways Member Advantage makes sure you save each time you shop online: 

  1.  Unlike a physical store, we don’t have opening hours – we are open around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. What better way to make sure your household staples are being replenished than with the click of a button?  
  2. We know all too well how important it is to keep costs down so you can stay on top of all your expenses. Worry not, as Member Advantage has done all the browsing around and price comparisons for you. Our experienced team have dedicated themselves to finding the most fantastic, discounted offers available to our members – and we bring it straight to you.  
  3. We help you reduce your household bills and save throughout the year, not just during traditional sales periods like Boxing Day or EOFY shopping days. Picture you and your family watching a movie on a top-of-the-range HD television with the everyday savings you have achieved through shopping on our portal. From fuel vouchers to sports equipment at the lowest price point on the market, whitegoods you’ve had your eye on for years and a new set of fresh linen sheets you’ve been wanting for a while, Member Advantage has something for every member of the family’s desires!  

Need more reasons to let Member Advantage reduce your weekly household budget which all adds up to significant savings each year? Visit your Member Advantage website to find out more.